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What is a Game Engine, How it's works and How to make a game?

What is a Game Engine, How it's works and How to make a game?

Hello friends, My name is Anuj Kumar and today I'm present with a new post where we will know about WHAT IS A GAME ENGINE. I Hope you will like this post. So let's start.

There are so many best free Game engines for beginners are available. you can find the list of game engines below 👇

Friends 👆 These all are Top New GAME ENGINES. And COMPANIES make GAME ENGINES. Obviously, to make games.

How to make a game engine.

Companies make these BEST Video GAME ENGINES to show PHYSICS & GRAPHICS.
Have you ever thought What these GAME ENGINES do. And what do we need to know about them?
Friends, you must have known this. That GAME ENGINES are made. To DEVELOPE to design GAMES and to CREATE. And we can also say this in a way. That GAME ENGINES are a kind of templates that design every aspect of a game. Game development engine, develop, Such as SOUND, PHYSICS, ANIMATION, LIGHTING & GRAPHICS ETC.

Guys assume that there is a GAME ENGINE that has been designed for a destructive environment. If we make another game in the same game engine architecture, then we can add the same destructive environment in this GAME. Means, we do not need to make those FEATURES by ourselves because they are already made.

It is light that a best Gaming engine is made for a particular GAME as if
CRY ENGINE was created for CRYSIS GAME Which is most popular game engine.

And later those GAME ENGINES are upgraded to create the NEXT SEQUEL of that PARTICULAR GAME. Like CRYSIS-2 it has better graphics than before. Animation happens. And there are a lot of small updates which make the game much more beautiful than before.

Friends, do you know how many ENGINES are in a GAME ENGINE?
There are many SMALL components inside a game engine and we can also say that there are many small ENGINES that run the game.

So let's find out about their COMMON FUNCTIONALITY.


This engine tells about the graphics of the game, how it will feel to see the game from our perspective. RANDER ENGINE tells how it will look to see any object like CAR, BIKE, HOUSE, TREE & MAN etc. As you know that our TECHNOLOGY is increasing and along with it our RANDER ENGINES are also becoming ADVANCE. Which takes great LIGHTING and absolutely REAL in GRAPHICS.


Friends, if a MAN and a WALL are formed in the RANDER ENGINE GAME, then PHYSICS ENGINE works to stop the MAN from hitting the WALL. Those who work with us in PHYSICS real life, beans also work in the same kind of physics games. The way we do HUMANS REACT on injury is the same as REACT the character inside GAMES.


Yes inside the game engine we are also using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. But this is not an AI with Skynet that you saw in the Terminator movie. There is only one function of artificial intelligence inside games. Controlling everything except our PLAYER. That is, it controls all the NPCs (NON PLAYING CHARACTER) as you might have seen that when our character is running inside the game, some things are getting automatic, some people are sitting, some people are running some cycling. When someone is driving a car, some people are going shopping, then all of these games control AI's artificial intelligence.

So friends, this was the common functionality of GAME ENGINES.

Friends, you must be thinking that all the games are the functionality beans of the engines, so why are so many game engines made. The reason is the variety of the games. We have TYPES and Varieties of many games, due to which the game engine is more.

Friends, if you are making a driving game, then you have to focus more on physics and if you are making a shooting game, then you will have to work on artificial intelligence within that GAME. If you are making both shooting and driving games, then you have to pay attention to both the physics of the game and the artificial intelligence of the game.

Friends, if you like this post, please do not forget to share it among your friends, if you have any question, please comment. I will try my best to answer the question. 

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