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One of our reader asks us I was just wondering why do men have nipples? and is it true the men can lactate or can male produce milk as embryos men and women start off well more or less as women

 the genetic template of the body follows the path of the X chromosome for approximately 60 days of developments providing the embryonic man with a set of nipples more specifically approximately four to six weeks into developments.

embryos develop parallel mammary ridges these ridges called a milk lines span between the armpit and the chest and then descend down each side to the lower abdomen and finally narrow in towards the groin ending high on the five ultimately these Mach lines regress except for in the chest area leaving us with mammary buds that develop into the familiar pair of cold weather pokies some lactating glands called lobules.

 a bit of fatty tissue in between and a few other things for males the Y chromosome later sets office off any of genetic changes in hormonal flows especially one quite near and dear to men aspiring to become courteous LT isn't Fortius among other things the influx of this hormone testosterone stimulates the growth of the penis and the testes however this only answers part of the question why do men have nipples. can guys produce milk.

another facet of this is why have nipples stuck around in men when evolutionary processes could have weeded them out quite simply it's generally thought nipples are still around in men.

when said characteristics have substantial bearing on reproductive success because nibbled breasts never lost a fair maiden and because nipples are there before testosterone kicks in they are seemingly here to stay however it would be a technical faux pas to lump the male nipple in with the other vestigial structures indeed the male nipple is entirely ready to perform its orig or function leading to male lactation yes you heard that right men can breastfeed babies if they really want to. and it's not even that hard to make it happen.

So well what's going on here milk is produced in small hollow cavities in breast tissue called alveoli this is where the linings contain cells that secrete milk. Typically have market differently levels of prolactin in fact a normal non-pregnant woman has around 1/3 do twice the hormone that the average man has at any given time late in pregnancy and after giving birth prolactin levels can peak as high as 10 times more.

In these women compared to what you'll typically find in males so the question now becomes how can men lactate without the necessary processes involved in childbirth triggering a ramp up in prolactin production well prolactin is ultimately metabolized by the liver helping to regulate its concentration in the body.

conjunction with certain mechanisms in the hypothalamus when the liver isn't functioning properly abnormally high levels of certain hormones and may build up this is what is thought to have happened to hundreds of male POWs during World War Two who after suffering months of starvation began lactating during their recovery. 

experts find that the stress and deprivation interfered with the liver and certain hormone producing
glands normal activities once properly fed the liver took longer to recover than the hormone producing glands pertinence the topic at hand resulting in a buildup of concentration of prolactin in the POWs bodies causing them to start lactating more recently a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal documented.

A case of a man who had a pituitary tumor that resulted in among other things overproduction of prolactin causing him to lactate in fact there are numerous reports throughout history of men lactating including in the Talmud where a poor man whose wife died while their baby was quite young had a miracle his wrists opened and he nursed his child's in numbers chapter 11 verse 12 in the Bible it notes have I conceived all this people have I begotten them that wouldest say unto me carry them in they bosom as a nursing father Bharath.


the sucking child onto the lands which thou swearest upto their fathers then in anomalies and curiosities of medicine from 1896 Gould and Powell report that both a South American native and a male Brazilian missionary nursed children after their wives lost the ability to do soap and a similar much more modern and well-documented report was made in 2002 of a Sri Lankan man mr. B Widger etna. can guys breast produce milk.

who took up breastfeeding his 18 month old daughter after his wife died giving birth to their second child he initially had attempted to feed the old child formula upon her mother's death but this was summarily rejected by the toddler he later stated unable to see her cry I offered my rest that's when I discovered that I could breastfeed her if you're wondering how this is possible it's known that expectant fathers and those with newborns also see a spike in prolactin compared to their normal levels while
not anywhere close enough to cause lactation in men normally you may be aware that nipple sucking can results in women who didn't have a baby ultimately lactating anyway.

what's less well known is that the receptors responsible for triggering the brain to in turn stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more prolactin and trigger the release of Oxycontin.

which is necessary to get the milk flowing exist and function in both men and in women this process can be commonly observed. in cases of women adopting babies and wanting to breastfeed them they are able to achieve this via regularly having a child suckle.

And further using a breast pump every few hours of the course of several weeks according to the Goldfarb breastfeeding clinic in a small study.

this same thing can also be observed in various animals including sometimes used to cause goats who have never had kids to produce milk for men as with women the net result of having a baby and regularly using a breast pump.

or if he had some other condition is not clear with his physician dr. Kamal Yas inky simply noting to the media men with hyperactive prolactin hormone can produce breast milk there are also some drugs that occasionally have the side effect of increased prolactin concentration in the body which causes male lactation such as the anti psychotic chlorpromazine marketed under the name Thorazine.

Blog actor and the heart medication digoxin rakatans of the name lanark Singh among other names it should also be noted here that some teenage and adult men produce milk without babies or drugs called collector er it's often develops during the hormone surge of puberty but can also be caused by hypothyroidism among other conditions videos documenting such lactation such as bodybuilder chest milk well they abound on the web in addition approximately 5% of newborn babies of both sexes secrete milk from their breasts colloquially called witch's milk it is believed to be caused by the combined effects of prolactin and growth hormones from the mother's milk along with thyroid.

and pituitary hormones from the baby the mark produced is similar in composition to a typical woman's milk the condition usually subsides within a couple of months finally as I'm sure there are some men out there interested despite the social stigma and potentially some women who to kill for them and to be able to help out on the breastfeeding front outside of the aforementioned nipple suckling technique boosting natural prolactin levels a much more effective solution for men.

Men would simply be to buy some prolactin and induce it into their body directly however while this is sometimes done to induce lactation in animals and we were able to locate some sources of human prolactin for sale online at least as far as we can find it doesn't appear to be a treatment that any doctor would administer and oversee for human males who want to breastfeed their children it's also true that there could be potential side effects of high prolactin in males.

but this has not been well studied however it is known that abnormally high prolactin levels can cause loss of libido in men and women and in men potential problems with impotence while set levels remain high further prolactin is involved in at least 300 known processes in the body including playing a role in one's metabolism and immune system in men.

we could have find a single study looking at volume of milk production in lactating males that have been studied so it's possible this is just a widely accepted hypothesis at this stage and if you're wondering about the nutritional value of human male breast milk compared to female breast milk in a 1981 study of a lactating human male it was determined that the milk found in both male and female.

lactating babies to quote the study the concentrations of lactose proteins and electrolytes in the breast secretion of this man are within the range of colostrum and milk obtained from normal lactating women. 

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